Kirstin Wood / Pet Portrait FAQs

Here you will find the answers to many perplexing questions...

1. Does my pet have to sit still for hours so that you can paint them?  

No, I work from your photos. The best photos are those taken in the daylight – don't worry about the composition as I will crop it and make adjustments.

2. How much does a pet portrait cost?

That depends on the size of your painting and whether you would like it on paper (£10 less but only up to 'medium' size); regular 1cm deep canvas or 4cm deep chunky canvas. Bear in mind that you pay half at the beginning and half when the painting is finished - so maybe you can afford the larger painting after all! Prices start from £180 for a 25 x 30cm canvas and you can view the price list here.

3. What colour background can I have?

You can have almost any colour you like!

4. Can you paint more than one pet on the same canvas?

I can paint more than one pet on the same canvas but it will cost another 50% on top for each extra furry face and it will need to be a 'medium square' or larger.

5. Would you like to see a photo of my pet?

Yes! Send your photos, the canvas size, the background colour and any other relevant info to or fill in this order form. I'll email you back as soon as I can with a cropped version of your photo for approval and deadline confirmation.

6. How do I pay for my pet portrait?

All of my invoicing is done via  PayPal, please let me know if you would prefer to make an alternative arrangements. I ask for a 50% deposit to be paid before work starts and the balance to be paid upon completion.

7. So once I've paid my deposit what happens next?

From the day that I receive your deposit I aim to get the painting finished within four to eight weeks, or if you have a specific deadline then I will work to that date. Once the painting has reached a stage where I'm happy with it I'll send over a photo. You can then suggest any tweaks and once we are both satisfied that the painting is finished you can make the final payment.

8. Can you post the painting to me?

As soon as the balance is cleared we can arrange for delivery or collection. I can post (P+P is a flat rate of £25.00) or deliver the painting to you within a 5 mile radius of South Merstham, or you are welcome to collect from my studio.

9. Is it safe to post a canvas?

I use the Royal Mail parcel post and I wrap the painting really carefully. If there is a problem when the painting arrives then get in touch straight away and I will try and sort it out.

10. What is your favourite flavour of crisp?

Thanks for asking – it's actually salt and vinegar. Walkers, Golden Wonder, Discos, French Fries. But not Chipsticks. Yuk.