Welcome to the home of colourful art and crafts by yours truly, Kirstin Wood.

I studied art at school and then trained as a theatre designer at art college, going on to work as a scenery painter and prop maker for many years. I have also run various small businesses including a stint as a muralist and furniture painter, craft fair organiser, handmade gift shop owner and artist. I now work as a graphic designer for the local council.

​Over the past few years, I have built up a reputation as a pet portrait artist, working to commission to create portraits of cats and dogs (plus a couple of humans and one budgie!) I still paint the occasional pet portrait if I am approached, but I no longer actively seek commissions. I have an extensive portfolio filled with vibrant and quirky paintings featuring landscapes, animals, plants and food with unique crops and close ups; the common theme being a colourful palette and unique contemporary style.

The images from my portfolio are printed on a variety of beautiful products, such as scarves, cushions and bags. These can be found in my online gift shop, along with rainbow makeovers of charity shop treasures and other crafty goodness. I work in my garden shed creating whatever takes my fancy, but everything is united by my love of colour, rainbows, sparkles and stripes!

I recently started to make a team of cute little monsters from new (unsmelly) socks and recycled (clean) clothes and have created a whole story around them. As well as the individual monsters you can also buy sock monster socks, ears and even a colouring book!

You can find out more about what I am up to by following my progress on Facebook or Instagram.