Online Art Classes

Are you intrigued to know how I add so much colour to my paintings? Would you like to try for yourself?

Join the July online art class! The class is on the 11 July with 3 x 1 hour classes at 10am, 1pm and 4pm, with 2 hours between for rest and independent painting. You also get access to my Art Class Facebook group where you can meet other students and ask for advice and support. In the classes I walk you through my tips and techniques so that you can re-create one of my colourful paintings for yourself. 

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What you will learn:

During the sessions you will learn how and why I work the way I do. You will follow along as I paint; and even though I paint quickly, you will pick up the tips and tricks to use again and again in your future works of art.

Preparation before the course:

I will send you an art kit filled with the brushes, paint, varnish, and printed materials needed to complete the course. You will need to complete a few simple tasks before we start, but you can get help in the Facebook group if you need it.

Class 1: The foundations

We will talk about the choice of background colour, the grid method and how to place the black and white sections of the paintings.

Class 2: Adding all the wrong colours

We will start to add colours and talk about colour mixing, how to add interest and the constant use of the grid.

Class 3: Bringing the painting to life

We will add our final layers of colour, bring details to life, and block out the background. Plus, I will explain about varnishing and finishing off the painting.

After the course:

You can complete your painting, varnish it and post it in the Facebook group for feedback. I am always available for encouragement and advice right up until the point you are happy with your painting.

Who are these art classes for?

Anyone over the age of 18, who has an interest in learning to paint in a colourful and unusual way. Experienced artists to complete beginners - everyone is welcome!


“I loved the relaxed personal nature of the classes; it removed any pressure and made the whole experience so much fun. The instructor (Kirstin!) painting in real time with us was incredibly helpful. The visual combined with the verbal instruction gave every direction perfect clarity. Especially with a “completed stage” seen first to show what we were aiming for. The kits were amazing, completely exceeding expectations. Thank you for such a positive experience for my first ever online class.”

“Kirstin has an infectious enthusiasm for animal portraits and did a great job of supporting the students despite needing to rely on technology to bring us together.”

“Really like that we had to do things quickly - it made me just pitch in and learnt a lot.”

“It was all fantastic, really enjoyed it and would recommend the class to everyone.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class and am very impressed with what Kirstin somehow managed to get me to achieve!! I am so not artistic in any way shape or form and yet I created a reasonable representation of a piece of art in pretty much 3 hours.”

“I loved Kirstin’s approach and lack of formality and arty terminology which made the daunting task of creating a recognisable picture seem so much more achievable. Overall, I totally enjoyed the class and will definitely book on to another class.”

Please note:

Changes / cancellations:

To make changes or to cancel your booking please email ASAP and I will do my best to accommodate you. In most cases I can offer a change of subject or date. Single missed classes cannot be reimbursed, but you can catch up in the Facebook group and request support and advice from your fellow students. I am unable to record the classes. If there are less than 6 students I reserve the right to cancel the class. You will be offered an alternative class or a refund.


Art kits will be sent by Royal Mail, please ensure you have given me your full address, as I cannot be held responsible for wayward parcels.