Little Monsters

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In 2019, a team of cute little monsters came to earth, via a rainbow, from their home on the star Pollux to help the human race. Each little monster comes with a handy label letting you know what they like and dislike so you will be able to find common ground when you adopt them.

The little monsters are made from a combo of new socks and recycled T-shirts, filled with polyfibre filling and finished off with plastic safety eyes. They are not toys and would be insulted if you said that they were. Because of their bad habits and small parts, they are unsuitable for children under 3 and pets. They have been CE tested and conform to safety standards.

There are lots of little monsters ready to adopt, with more appearing every month. There are bunny sock monsters, kitty sock monsters, sock monster doorstops, big sock monsters, sock monster headbands, greeting cards - even little monster colouring books!

You can find the little monsters in my online shop, where they are waiting to be rehomed!

I have teamed up with Mark Levin, harpist and poet, to create some beautiful poems for you to read along with to your child. Click on the images below to find out more.

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