Are you intrigued to know how I add so much colour to my paintings? Would you like to try for yourself?

I run online art classes for groups of adults as well as one-to-one online tuition for those wanting a more focussed experience. There are various subjects to choose from including rainbow tiger, jack russell, cats nose and flamingo. The group classes consist of 3 x 1-hour classes over 3 consecutive Sundays, with independent work between the classes. You will also get access to my Art Class Facebook group where you can meet other students and ask for advice and support.

​In the classes I walk you through my tips and techniques so that you can re-create one of my colourful paintings for yourself. If you prefer, you can buy one of my art kits and work through the tips and techniques from the worksheet in your own time.

​What you will learn:

During the sessions you will learn how and why I work the way I do. You will follow along as I paint; and even though I paint quickly, you will pick up the tips and tricks to use again and again in your future works of art.

July Art Classes

Choose your subject: