This is a sewing kit for you to make your own unique sock monster from new (unsmelly) socks!

The sock monsters are concerned that humans, particularly the younger ones, are unable to deal with the scary monsters of everyday life, both real (like the homework monster and the zit monster) and imagined (like the monsters under the bed).

The sock monsters are not toys and would be insulted if you said that they were. Because of their bad habits and small parts they are unsuitable for babies, toddlers under 3 and pets.

Sock monsters kits include:
- 1 unmatching pair of new (unsmelly) socks
- polyfibre filling
- plastic eyes
- needles and thread

- instruction booklet
- a label detailing their likes and dislikes
- not suitable for pets or children under 3 years old due to small parts

Sock Monster Kit