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The little monsters story:

In 2019 a team of cute little monsters came to earth from their home on the star Pollux to help the human race. They were concerned that the humans, particularly the younger ones, were unable to deal with the scary monsters of everyday life, both real (like the homework monster and the zit monster) and imagined (like the monsters under the bed). So, they decided to invade Kirstin’s home and persuade her to help them with their quest. The little monsters hold regular meetings to find new ways to reach humans. They give Kirstin action plans and strategic policies in order to enable her to carry out their mission.


In return, Kirstin wanted to find out more about the little monsters; so, she asked them all to answer a short questionnaire detailing their top 3 likes and dislikes. Each little monster comes with a handy label letting you know what they like and dislike and so you will be able to find common ground when you adopt them.


New little monsters arrive from Pollux every month and can be adopted via their shop. They also take Kirstin along to monthly craft fairs where they use their mind-bending powers to persuade humans to take them home. Humans can also follow the antics of the little monsters on their Facebook and Instagram pages, but beware, they get up to some ridiculous stuff… you have been warned.

The grown up stuff:

The sock and top monsters are made from a combo of new socks and recycled jumpers and T-shirts, filled with polyfibre filling and finished off with plastic eyes. The door monsters are also made from sock and tops but are filled with rice to make them super-weighty. All the little monsters are hand-made by Kirstin with love and care. She weaves in a little magic to help you feel better, face your fears and address your worries.


The little monsters are not toys and would be insulted if you said that they were. Because of their bad habits and small parts they are unsuitable for babies, toddlers under 3 and pets.

Merstham, England, United Kingdom

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